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Create a home in the website


This tutorial shows how to create a home in the weeks website's Home Design menu. First of all, we must connect to the adminpanel app (

Step 1: home creation

  • Select the Home Design > Homes menu.
  • Click on the Create button at the top left.
  • Enter all details as per the following image.

 Home details

Step 2: upload facades

  • Upload the facades files.
    • Select the current created home.
    • Click on the view button.
    • Select the Facades tab.


  • Click on the Create button at the top left to create each of them.
    Once created, we will be able to upload each image through the edit button.
  • Select the Default Facade Id in the Home detail and upload the Hero Image File Name.
    Previously, when we created the home, we could not select the default facade. Once the facades are created, we can do that when click on the home edit button (check the end of the dropdown list).

 Default Facade

Step 3: create a floorplan group

  • Select the Floorplan Groups tab and create a new one.


Step 4: add floorplans

  • Click on the Floorplan Groups view button at the very right of the Floorplan Groups line in order to access to the new tabs.

 Floorplan Group menus

  • Add a new floorplan on the Floorplans tab.
    The image format must be SVG.

 New Floorplan

  • Do not use the Floorplan Group Features
    This option is not compulsory.

Step 5: specify rooms dimensions

We need to specify each of the rooms on each floorplan.

  • Click on the Floorplan view button and select the Rooms tab.

 Rooms menu Here the result:  Rooms

Step 6: select the range specs range

  • Return to the Floorplan Groups tabs and select the Range Specs Price.
  • Create one range.

Step 7: assign a range home

  • Select the last Range used for new homes.
    Go to menu Ranges and click on the view button of the range. Then click on the Range Homes tab and create an entry for the created home.

 Range Home

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