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Welcome to the IT section

Welcome to the Information Technology section. This page intends to give you more information about the several projects managed by the IT department. It also provides some technical details concerning the servers infrastructure.

Weeks Group Projects

Project Description Status
ASTH website Continuous development production
MyStyle Customer Selections website Public-facing 'wish-list' app for customer staging
MyStyle Image ServerImage Serverproduction
MyStyle API ServerAPI Serverproduction
Weeks websitesCommercial websiteproduction
Weeks Assets ServerImage serverproduction
Weeks Admin PanelAssets data for the Weeks websiteproduction
Weeks Customer check-inWeeks Customer check-inproduction
WikiWeeks Group wikitest
Supaloc SupportSupaloc Support production
Power BIBusiness Analytics production

Servers infrastructure

General presentation

Production servers

Staging servers

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