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Weeks websites


Main Weeks Group's websites.

* The Front-end website -

  • It is the principal commercial website of Weeks Group.
  • It contains tools as Rendivo visualisation.

* The Back-end -

  • Laravel CRUD server.
  • Access data associated with our core products, such as home designs, displays, gallery imagery, etc.
  • It shares an Assets folder hosted by Server Production Wheezy / through a crontab batch.

* MyDesktop Property Feed - This website generates XML files for external websites as or These files are also used by the Front-end website. A Server Web / cron batch copies them to the Staging / and Server Production Wheezy /

Servers used


Date Action Comment
22/12/2018New main page + 2 landing pages
21/01/2019Moved to Server Production /
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